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Luke Barry of Mongol

"Diego always puts in the extra effort required for our band to feel confident that our music is being released to its full potential. He is also able to provide a lot of insight/advice for anything that he believes would enhance the song in any way, which has often added unique aspects to our music that would not have been there otherwise. On top of that, Diego creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere that inspires creativity as opposed to stress in the studio. I would recommend Oracle Studios to any artist at any point in their musical career."

Dan Wildberg of Arctos

Working with Diego was a fully professional and satisfying experience. His passion for his craft is evident in the care with which he treats every aspect of production, be it in the recording process or during the mix. Working with him was extremely comfortable and very informative and transparent. We had complete control of our sound the entire time, but Diego would often provide tasteful suggestions that helped push the quality of our sound even further. Overall he helped us record an album that was uniquely ours and resoundingly professional sounding. I could not have imagined a better recording experience and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to put out high quality material.

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